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CTE Programs

NHS Career & Technical Education

Newport School District is working hard to  prepare our students for high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand careers they are passionate about.  One way we are doing that is by strengthening our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs our students have access to.  CTE Programs deliver real options for college and rewarding careers by:

  • Empowering students to explore multiple career options--we offer 42 courses which begin in grade 7.  
  • Equipping students with real-world skills that are foundational and transferable across rapidly shifting career fields and work activities;  
  • Placing students on a path to credential attainment that translates into in-demand, high-skill occupations;  
  • Partnering with business and industry to ensure that CTE programs are relevant and future focused.  
  • Providing opportunities for college credit within our courses:  12 credits-Biomedical Sciences Program and 7 credits-Fire Science Program; Pending: 5 credits-Environmental Science; 17-25 credits-Welding/Fabrication; 10 credits-Financial Literacy.
BioMed Students 1


BioMed Students 2


CTE students participate in relevant, hands-on experiences that meet state academic standards as well as national business and industry standards, while using equipment that is currently used in the workplace.

Over the past two years, Newport School District has secured over $274,000 in competitive grants to purchase equipment for the startup of: our Medical Assisting Program; PLTW-Environmental Science-Engineering; and Computer Science programs.  We also used funds to update equipment in our Welding/Fabrication and Construction Programs; and Automotive Technology.  

Did you know:  

  • Our Automotive Technology Program offers students the opportunity to obtain Automotive Service Excellence Certification (ASE) while they are providing a service to our community at The Grizzly Garage.  Students can try out the introductory exploratory courses in grades 9-12 and it is in 11th-12th grade they may enroll in the two period afternoon block. Through grant funds this year Automotive Technology Program will be adding equipment to enable students to now perform complete brake jobs,  alignments, tire mounting, and strut replacement in addition to the services previously provided such as oil changes, engine/transmission work, and auto detailing. 
AutoTech Class 1


AutoTech Class 2


  • Our Pre-Medical Assistant program was started last year and is housed in the same off campus location as the Grizzly Garage and Pend Oreille River School.  This 2 credit course offers our students the opportunity to prepare for a career in the high demand field of health care. Through a grant we were able to turn a classroom into two health care offices and purchase needed equipment and supplies.  With our partnerships with Providence Health & Services, Newport Health Center, and CHAZ our students can apply for paid apprenticeship positions directly out of high school.  
MedAssist Class


  • We now offer Environmental Science, an engineering course, that is in the process of gaining approval for 5 college credits.  Our grant enabled us to upgrade microscopes and other lab equipment that can be shared throughout the Science Department, while providing students considering engineering, or an interest in science, a course in which they use the engineering design process to research and design potential solutions to real-world challenges related to clean drinking water, a stable food supply, and renewable energy.
EnvSci Snow


EnvSci Class


  • We have a sequence of courses that students may start in 7th grade that lead to Advanced Placement Computer Science for our students and with $44,000 in grants our students will be using cutting edge electronics by the end of this year. 
Computer Science 1


Computer Science 2


  • Our Welding/Fabrication and Residential Carpentry Program is receiving the largest update with grants totaling over $158,000 specifically for equipment.  Through these funds we will be able to: increase student participation during class with more equipment available for the number of students; extend the learning to additional industry processes and techniques; provide experience on equipment that will provide our students a competitive edge, including the opportunity to earn forklift certification.  By accessing funds from the sale of past fabrication and construction projects, students are learning valuable skills on the new equipment as they convert the 2700 sf shop storage space into a finished,usable work area.  
Welding Class 1


Welding Class 2


New Forklift


In addition to the competitive grants, $20,000 in CTE federal grants have been used to increase equipment in our ceramics course and update technology in our digital media/media broadcasting program.

Ceramics Class

Newport offers a variety of programs from high-demand, high-paying career fields, that will provide our students options to explore possibilities and find their passion while preparing our students to be competitive for 21st Century careers.  The grants we received have allowed us to purchase equipment for the start up of new programs and to substantially update others. With a vision for the future, dedicated instructors, high standards, and sustaining funds, students at Newport School District will be college and career ready.